i saw a post on sightline's daily score talking about the new website that calculates the walkability of your neighborhood, walkscore. simply enter your address & up pops businesses in your neighborhood (all places tagged are pulled from google). the sight also gives your a rating, my apartments is 92 out of 100. quoted from sightline, "walk score does not count every single business within a one-mile walkshed... it calculates the distance to the closest business in each of a list of commonly used categories such as grocery stores, restaurants, and coffee shops. it assigns points based on the distance to these amenities, then averages the score. this simpler strategy works well and generates great maps."


Marques said...

Booyah, 95 your place sucks. No wonder you are always borrowing my car.

I checked out some of my chief competition and Justin is 94 and Div is 92. Don't know what Chris's address is.

Overall this is pretty cool, but as you could predict it is fairly off on some things. Like Stumbling Monk is not really the closest bar. TESL English studies is not really a school and I find the Howell Market too scary to buy things from although I am always tempted to get the fried chicken.

My current place, 95

My home growing up, big fat 0.

Anonymous said...
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