my couch

i bought my couch a little over a month ago from macy's (they now sell their furniture online). i am happy to see it featured on decor8 today; mine is the cafe noir loveseat. i'm really happy with this couch, but it desperately needs an ottoman or footstools (the idea as of now is to find multiple vintage footstools). i liked the mid-century feel of it, with clean lines & upholstery buttons.

i'm completely indecisive in the first place, but picking out a couch was hard for me. with this apartment being the first without a roommate, i've wanted to make it 100% my style. try this on for self-awareness: in figuring out how to decorate my place i've had to try & pinpoint my style; this task has turned out to be very difficult. my taste is all over the place; i like kitschy but clean, vintage but simple. here is the latest collection of inspiration pics, i'll post some "current state of the apartment soon.


kristi said...
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kristi said...

love the new sofa!

i have the same indecisive issues and i'm an interior designer... :)

(i don't know what i did to delete the last comment :))