bat for lashes - love for dixie

i went to go see bat for lashes on sunday night at the crocodile cafe. it was my first show there, as well as my first show alone. i can't really tell what that says about me. it started to seem like it was going to be a down & out night. first, no one could/would go to the show with me. second, i get to the venue & my tickets were not at will call. i was happy that i had cash for once & paid to get in anyway (i have a strong dislike for ticketmaster & ticketweb now). the guy at the door said that i could contact ticketweb the next day & that he'd confirm that my name is not there if they contacted them. so, i went outside to call my friend chris to see if he wanted to get a beer while i waited for the show, seeings that i was in his hood. he's out & about, but the call did inform me that i had two pair of locals flip flops at his apartment. this is the first turn around; locals are the best flip flops & can only be found in hawaii (in searching for the website, i find that you can order them online now). i've worn my pair to near death. the news made me happy. as i went to walk in the door, a 40-something british guy asked me if i want to go on tour & stamp hands. there is a little exchange between me, the doorman & the british guy. he introduced himself as dixie, the tour manager & sound engineer for bat for lashes. i went inside, got a drink & the opener came on. about 30 minutes later dixie walked past, said "excuse me ann." my interactions with dixie became the second turn around. the show was incredible, the crocodile is such a great small venue. the opener, chris chavez was a little too political folk for me, but he was an amazing guitarist & easy to look at. bat for lashes was out of control. the band consists of 4 beautiful women in crazy barbarella outfits. natasha's (lead singer) vocals were amazing & there was an array of other things going on: violins, flute, keyboards, bass, crazy percussion. man, it was incredible & ends up being the third turn around. the show ended all too quickly. i walked out, but remembered that there was a concert poster i wanted to take off the window, but can't get too. i asked & the doorman he went behind the bar to get it for me. i'm excited, fourth. i was ready to put on my coat & head back up the hill. dixie was outside smoking a cigarette, he pointed at the sign in my hand & said, "you got an autograph didn't you?" i said no & he led me back to natasha, where she signed it & posed for a couple pics with me. ahhhhh. what a great night.

to sum it up:
- bat for lashes are incredible performers (see pics)
- dixie is the best
- shows alone can be the best kind

check out bat for lashes on npr.

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