fashion blogs & the torture

i covet this outfit.

i have an extensive list of blogs i visit most days, but some of my favorite stops are the fashion blogs. it all started with a link sent from chris, hel-looks that would be followed immediately by a link to pike/pine. from there i would find la femme, the satorialist & face hunter (where the above photo is taken from).

i'm not going to pretend that i am any sort of fashionista, not even close (i have trouble even defining my style). i appreciate the way that things look & fit on the body. i like the colors & the lines of clothing; i also like the statement that some outfits can make. i always think that it would be fun & that i will make an effort to be more creative or intelligent about the clothes that i put on my body. what stops me? i've narrowed this list to three things: money, time/energy & indecision.

money - i have two sides: frugal & consumer. growing up my dad wouldn't spend more than $30 on jeans and my mom poked through departments for hours stores buying new outfits for every occasion. for this reason, barney's gives me anxiety; i love their clothes (the cut, the fabrics, the colors, the fit). i like the finer things, the reality: i'm too cheap &/or smart with my money. i could rack up credit card bills, have a roommate, eat ramen noodles, but i'd rather have the balance in life. i can't give up nights out, crafting projects, homemade meals or my apartment for a $600 jacket.

time/energy - to have a unique & extensive wardrobe (on a budget) a person needs time & energy. it's needed to surf the sale racks, the consignment shops & the thrift stores. i have a lot of things that i passionate about. it seems that clothes shopping often takes a back seat to crafting, movies, spending time with friends, concerts, errands, etc. i can't tell you how many times i've put "go to red light, atlas & value village" on my to do list without ever crossing it off.

indecision - i can't decide which direction i want my style to go in any area of my life, let alone my wardrobe. so far, the only staples i have in my wardrobe are black vintage flat boots, matchstick jeans, bootcut jeans & a peacoat. i find it difficult to invest my money or time on/for things i think are temporary in my life. i have to be conscience about what i purchase, which makes every decision a big one & let's face it, i'm indecisive.

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