teapot cozie - tutorial

my mom was very specific about wanting a teapot cozie for christmas & i gladly tackled the new craft. now that we've exchanged gifts (celebrating early while they were in town), i can post the tutorial. this pattern should work for most standard teapots.

sewing machine
half yard of any light cotton fabric
scrap of contrasting fabric
quarter yard of heat resistant felt/liner
1 yard bias tape (wide single fold or your own)
rotary cutter, board & ruler

1. cut a 4" x 3" rectangle of contrasting fabric (d), 2 of piece a out of patterned fabric, 2 of piece b out of felt/liner, 2 of piece c out of patterned fabric.
2. fold & press piece d: fold in half vertically, then fold in each side a half inch, creating a 4” by 1” tri-fold. the front of the fabric should be facing out.
3. stitch along both vertical sides of piece d.
4. fold & press the finished piece d (pull/tab), should now measure 1" x 2" loop.
5. place 2/3 of the pull/tab in between both pieces of the a pattern at the top center, secure with pin.
6. stitch along the dotted line with the pattern facing in & majority of pull/tab inside.
7. flip inside out. you should have a large pocket, pattern & pull/tab facing out.
8. for pieces b, place pairs back to back & sew along dotted line. repeat for c.
9. stuff piece c into b & both b & c into a.
10. with total cozie lying flat, use the rotary cutter to cut a clean line (rounded) along the bottom of the pattern.
11. finish the bottom off with a wide single fold bias tape. you can also make your own as i did, tutorial here.

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