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a lack of posts huh? i'd say so.

bart & i just got back from our 8 day trip to el pescadero, in the baja. it was a fantastic trip, 80 degrees & 100% sun, it was much needed & deserved. i'd recommend it to anyone; sierra de la costa was the perfect casita, just 100 yards from the beach & run by great people. we spent most of our time sitting on the beach & swimming in the ocean at our beach & los cerritos; we did make our way to la paz for the day, eat lots of tacos at barajas tacos & drink a lot of tecate & tequila.

on a color & design note - i was amazed by the natural & man made color palettes of the baja. la paz was filled with burnt corals, seafoam greens & off white. i also liked the greens, warm greys & bursts of red found on our drive through the desert. i am hoping to do some color schemes from my trip - keep your eyes peeled.

more pics

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