craigslist finds

look at all of these colorful couches - it's a frickin' vintage rainbow. orange sectional, $600; red tufted, mid-century couch, $895; green lounger, $195; chrome & vinyl settee, $295 (i know this is similar to last weeks, but i just love 'em).

another another tip - space oddity in ballard seems to have quite the inventory right now. visit the link above for their collection on craigslist or just visiting the brick & mortar.


Tim Tremendous said...

No disclosure that you know the person selling the orange sectional?

dottie said...

ohhh snap. yeah - i know that guy & the sectional - which means i can vouche for the coolness of it.

note: i was also the person that helped get the new foam & restuff the cushions.

Tim Tremendous said...

Yea, that sectional is super cool. Didn't know you helped with the re-stuffing. Hopefully someone that appreciates it picks it up.