dolce vita arrives in ballard

if you want to visit a beautiful shop that carries a ton of beautiful clothes & shoes, then you must visit dolce vita on ballard ave. the store carries a variety of brands, including their own. i just had to try on this dress & then this one almost went home with me. it's spendy, but the clothes are unique, well made & well worth it.

as much as the clothing, the space was out of control, located in the g.b. sangdon building. the owner takes great pride in interior & their staff seemed quite proud & happy to share the details - wallpaper hand printed in belgium, custom blown glass chandelier from denmark (or germany, i can't remember), etc. you must stop by the next time you are in the neighborhood.

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Maria said...

oh yay! i love shopping in ballard. my favorite shop is the card shop guy (i think that's the name of the store) that has the little dog with the amazing jewelry in the big cases and the pullout drawers thingys? oh i wish i could remember the name...