nisi throw pillow covers

i got these done on monday night, i think they turned out playa. we wanted to do a play on letters & rearrange them to spell different things. i wanted them to be masculine with a touch of ann & it was accomplished. how'd i do it?

first, create throw pillow covers using this tutorial. before sewing you'll want to follow the steps below.

what you need:
fabric paint
sponge brush
masking tape
typing paper
embroidery floss

1. using the masking tape, place stencil in desired position
2. with the sponge brush, paint letters, be careful to hold the stencil down tight so paint will not seep under it.
3. let dry for 2-3 hours & set with warm iron. place typing paper over the dry lettering, iron over paper for 3-5 minutes.
4. use embroidery floss & needle to create patterns of your liking with a contrasting color. i've been working through the new crewel, a fantastic book on crewel embroidery.

after all of this, continue following the steps from the previously mentioned tutorial. i'm thinking that i may do some for my etsy store, what do you think?

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Kristin said...

super. duper. cool.