my colors

these are the only colors i can think in right now. i just painted my nails this orangey red & my hair just got some champagne toner love (i had my first date with carly & i'm looking a little bit like frenchie). maybe i'll call it champagne wishes & caviar dreams.

in other personal news - i'm having major vanity issues as hives creep their way all over my upper body. i'm going to see a derm today, where i assume they'll tell me it's an allergy & tell me to do what i've already been doing.

i'm also hoping to get my halloween costume finished & my 10 minute top sewn this week, i am going to my taproot orientation, hosting a small dinner, working at chicks play hard, viewing some distasteful film. hmmmm - i wonder if all this will help or hurt the curing of lizard skin?

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