teresa's etsy wednesday

this week i went up to van city to renew my passport. i had been told i could have a new passport in hand by end of day. there was lots of stress about having the documentation right... i didn't. but everything worked out. the wonderful people at the passport office and at the photo shop across the street got it all sorted out. i didn't have to wait in one line, so incredible. i left with a smile on my face and passport in hand at 2pm on monday bee-lining for some of vancouver's delicious and inexpensive sushi, mmmm.

because of the helpful people and blue skies, i decided to do an etsy tribute to all things west coast canada, enjoy. cherry can label from labelstone, $4.85; vintage yearbook from dervish, $5; vogu photograph from blurb, $160; messanger bag from ouno, $225; chandelier earrings from contagious creations, $20.

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