rachel's craigslist finds - for the home

i have lived in the city of seattle for over 7 months now and still reside in a barely furnished apartment. this is not for lack of money, mind you, but lack of motivation. as i grow older, i’ve realized that there are few things in this world that come as easily to me as procrastination – i am a natural; an expert, if you will, in the art of leaving things to the last minute. and expending minimal effort. while i excel in both endeavors, i must be humble and admit that my excellence would not have been possible were it not for craigslist.

craigslist: home of myriad gems at the touch of a button. do i need to put in a lot of effort to find things for my apartment, my wardrobe, my life? nay! so now i embark on a little journey to find the choicest items for under $40 on craigslist - because i’m poor.

wonderfold chairs: like many a single woman, i live alone in a small studio apartment. i don’t have a lot of space to work with, and thus have a small, leafed dining room table that i’ve wedged into one corner. of course, i haven’t gotten around to buying chairs to compliment my table…are you surprised? these chairs are perfect – they have a vintage feel to them that sets them apart, and are collapsible for easy storage. plus, the white seat covers give them character and add comfort. they’re $30 - done.

lace curtains: my little apartment is on the ground floor of a building, which means passersby can see everything that’s going on in my living room if they so desire. i need curtains, but don’t want anything too heavy, as i don’t want to block out what little light comes through my windows. these sheer fabric panels are beautiful. the detail is exquisite, and there’s enough going on to effectively block curious eyes. $25

lamp & candle holder: this lamp and candelabra would look great with the sheer curtains! both pieces are solidly built but still manage to look delicate, which is important because i really don’t want anything too heavy and imposing in the small amount of space in which i reside. plus, they’re both only $35, which is a steal.

gardener's potting table: ok, so i realize that this is technically an “outdoor” piece, but there’s no rule that says that it can’t be morphed into indoor furniture. it has so much character, and its construction would allow it to be placed against a wall and not take up too much space. i could convert it into a book shelf or a desk, and the moss would definitely add flavor. i need more plants in my place, anyway. $35.

teabag holders: though my apartment is small, i happen to have a huge kitchen, complete with a copious amount of empty counter space. i love this vintage tea bag holder set because it’s unique, the colors are fun, and it’s a little kitchy. is it useful? not particularly, but it’s something i can see myself mounting on my kitchen wall to offset what seems like a sea of counter top. plus it’s $15.

decorative pig head: i seem to be drawn to kitchy things this evening, but i think this pig’s head would be a fantastic addition to either my bathroom or the kitchen. it’s fun, random, and definitely adds a quaint, country feel to any space…although perhaps it’s a little too out-there for my bathroom. $20.

vintage broach: technically not something to add to my apartment, but it’s always fun to get something fun for yourself when you’re furniture shopping. plus, i like shiny objects. $30.

so there you have it: the cheapest, choicest items for home and self that i could find on craigslist while expending the least amount of effort.


please sir said...

I love the mini-teapots used for holding teabags - what a cute and clever idea!

PJ said...

"i’ve realized that there are few things in this world that come as easily to me as procrastination..."

Ha! Too true! I am also an expert procrastinator. It's a habit I'd love to break--if I weren't too lazy to try.