found fashion, found design

i remember heading downtown one day & looking down to my right at a new storefront. not just a new front, but a beautiful one with deep corals, muted peach & white details. the only sign of what might be coming was a large scripted mc, shoe forms & a sewing machine. a week or so later i find out it's going to be a men's boutique, offering custom tailoring & original collections. i've peaked in so many times noticing that not a detail is missed - the storage boxes have coral & peach printing, the nic nacs & furniture all coordinate without feeling contrived. it feels vintage, modern & clean without feeling pretentious or stiff - it's just my style.

on saturday as i walked around the neighborhood, i decided to stop by, take some pictures & see if the shop was open. it was & i was lucky enough to meet michael cepress, the gentleman behind the space & the clothing. modern gentleman used to fill the showroom & windows, but he has just introduced some gorgeous capes & winter pieces. both are to die for - color, cut & an innovation that any man should hope to have in his closet. stop by the next time you are in capitol hill, but more importantly boys - splurge for that next big event & pick up something from michael cepress.

dorje handwoven rugs also works out of the studio. they are worth a peak too.

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