found winter

it's been a crazy few days here is seattle - in fact - it's a winter wonderland. i didn't do much searching for design, art or music this weekend, but i did find lots of time to play in the snow & get into the holiday spirit. i made me & the girls some elf ears* for santarchy & we painted the town red, literally. yesterday i spent some time on my snowboard, hitting up volunteer park, galer at 16th & denny way. it is just surreal to be in this snowglobe of a city. i hope all of you here are enjoying (have enjoyed) this as much as i am!

*to make the ears i simply cut two pairs of flesh colored felt, stitched a quick detail on the top piece of both ears, then sewed the edges together leaving an inch opening for batting. once they were stuffed, i closed em up with a straight stitch. after that i cut a slit on each ear for a clip barette to slide into or cut two parrallel slits to slide a headband through. if you decide to make some - make sure to reinforce with hot glue! i hope you enjoy my santa on the bottom, elf on the top shot.

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Uncle Beefy said...

Lady you CAH-RAZY! Cute get-up!