music to listen to - my fave albums of 2008

i've had a fantastic year in music. with the help of people & media that surround me, i've been able to find a library of music that takes me from naps on my couch to walks to the bus, cooking in the kitchen to cutting a rug on the dance floor & sewing up a storm to cutting leaf after leaf of felt.

band name links to band site, album name links to amazon (or last.fm) for purchasing purposes.

mgmt - oraculer spectacular
upbeat music that still makes you think about your life & where you happen to be at the moment.

emily jane white - dark undercoat
i discovered this through the fader podcast, she has such a sweet & haunting voice.

small sins - mood swings
fun beats, random lyrics - feel good music.

yeasayer - all hour symbals
this music feels like a sunny day, driving down a 2 track road to get to the beach in mexico.

the gossip - standing in the way of control
cow bell & powerful vocals make for a great pump up album.

she & him - volume one
coffee, a good book or magazine & a fireplace go best with this album.

grand ole party - humanimals
this album contains great stories that are told with each song - powerful female drummer.

lykke li - youth novels
i first discovered her opening for el pero del mar - she has such great energy with a bit of mystery that shows in her album.

thao - we brave bee stings & all
fun music to bop your head to.

cat power - jukebox
slow & lustful, the perfect album for crafting in your living room.

wale - 100 miles & running mixtape
dc rapper - great lyrics, nice easy flow.

santogold - self-titled
first labeled as the next m.i.a. - this album stretches further. great music to workout to or get ready for a night out to.

estelle - shine
love love her lover. here music is so energizing & soulful; her style has been an inspiration.

friendly fires - self-titled
more cow bell, lots of european energy. the perfect album to get your dancing legs warmed up.

bon iver - for emma, forever ago
haunting, emotional & beautiful. skinny love took my breath away.

little dragon - self-titled
sultry voice & a pulsing beat. this album is oh so sexy.

school of seven bells - alpinisms
again - sultry, haunting voices over music that feels like racing heartbeats.

little joy - self-titled
perfect music for a sunny afternoon sitting on a front porch.

favorite music sources:
kexp blog
fader & f2 podcast

photo by bricolage.108.


golly molly said...

ok, so you have rad hair & great taste in music. you win.
the only album that was maybe missing was ratatat & ra ra riot. other than that, you hit all the highlights. well played!

please sir said...

Thanks for the list - some new ones for me too - can't wait to check them out!