still dottie branding & website

the end of the year is nearing & i'm hoping that i can get as much crossed off my 2008 to do list. where are we at?

still dottie identity & website:
maybe you noticed that my header changed a while back? that is one of the main identity pieces for the still dottie empire & now i'm excited to announce a website to build on. special thanks to miss natalie gordon.

art class:
well, no fine arts class but i found a great place to learn new drawing techniques with illustrator at luminous works & i would recommend it to anyone. it was a comfortable environment & really informative.

crossed off:
going somewhere warm for my birthday
baking red velvet cake
cleaning my walk-in closet
sewing a dress from a pattern
taking on a new physical activity
upping the furniture hunt with craigslist finds
bedroom redecoration
inspiration referencing (i got a large steel basket with green hanging folders)

still working & thinking & hoping:
european travel - tentatively scheduled for 2009

i'm getting excited to make the 2009 to do list now. also, keep your eye out for my year in summary posts coming soon.

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