cycle chic

copenhagen cycle chic

have i told you yet that i'm going to be spending four weeks in europe? have i told you how pumped i am?! have i mentioned that i'll be visiting london, stockholm, copenhagen, berlin & other parts of germany? have i admitted that i mainly want to go to copenhagen so i can ride a bike looking this adorable?

image of ellen page from copenhagen cycle chic.


copperseal said...

umm no i think you failed to mention! how exciting!!!

jamieofalltrades said...

How fun!?

Uncle Beefy said...

Have I told you that I have a violently jealous nature? Have I told you that it is instantly squelched when receiving invitations to accompany people on their whirlwind trips to Europe? Have I told you that I'll be waiting by the phone to hear from you? Have I told you that it's not ringing? ;)

OH...lucky bum! :)

Dottie said...

ring ring

Anonymous said...

Hello Dottie, I live in Milan and I go to work on my bike. it's just like the one in the picture but it's caramel pink...well, I call it caramel pink cause it looks like a shiney marshmellow. This said...it was glomurous for like 2 days...then I started paying attentions to all the cars and realized it's super dangerous (but still the best way to go anywhere). I wear heels and dresses...and have to carry spare tights (i guess they're called panyhose in america) to change if I fall before getting to work!! Be careful!