hidden message felt hearts

i wanted to make something sweet for my nieces this valentines day & with lots of felt laying around i decided to find a way to use it. what i ended up with is a three layer heart, accented with contrasting stitching & a pocket for a hidden valentine - what you end up with is an easy to follow tutorial.

what you need:
3 - 6" square pieces of felt
embroidery needle
embroidery floss, split into 3 piece strands

1. fold one square felt piece in half & with the fold in hand cut out a half-heart shape.
2. repeat with the other 2 felt squares, following the pattern.
3. grab hearts a & b, coming up from behind on the top left section of heart a, follow around with a straight stitch. leave the top section open by ending the stitch at the same spot on the top right section of heart a. tie off each end with a knot.
4. after threading a needle, pull up from the back of just heart a & tie off the end.
5. take hearts a & b (with needle pulled through) & heart c in hand & line them up.
6. follow the outline of heart b with a straight stitch & stop with a 2" opening.
7. fill the hearts with batting, don't fill too much.
8. close the hearts with continued stitching, tie off behind heart b.
9. to keep the thread behind the second smallest heart, take the needle behind & pull up through another area of heart b. pull taught (scrunching some of the felt) & trim, now you can pull the hearts back to their normal standing & the thread should disappear behind heart b.

10. cut a small heart from construction paper or cardstock. write your message & tuck it into heart a's pocket.

follow the picture led tutorial here & happy valentines day!


jamieofalltrades said...

so cute! i want to make those.

Cafe Fashionista said...

I'm making these!

Dawnetta said...

Great tutorial about making this heart shaped stuff for Valentines Day...

please sir said...

Aww these are adorable!!

Rachel said...

Aww, those are so sweet! Thanks for sharing, I'll be linking to this.

Nesa said...

Great idea, love with a hidden pocket to put message. Maybe we could add some candies and chocolates too. Thanks.

DinDin said...

thanks for the tutorial! I'm making a few now~~