fashion blitz

i was thinking about packing for europe last night & a question came up; what can i not live without? if lost or stolen, which things would bring me to a panic or require immediate replacement? here they are in no particular order:

still dottie fashion blitz

j. crew matchstick jeans. they go with everything & always make me feel good.

still dottie fashion blitz

brick red vintage dexter riding boots. $35 at red light - life doesn't get any better.

still dottie fashion blitz

american apparel deep v tissue tee
. the new basic right?

still dottie fashion bliss

h&m surplus trench (mine is def more canvas, less wool & doesn't belt all the way around, the closest pic i could find). found at crossroads trading for $11 - sigh.


Amy said...

I like that trench - agree with the belt thing though...

Erica said...

that trench is fabulous! i'm a sucker for those jcrew jeans as well...