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still dottie found jewelry - etcetera jewelry

still dottie found jewelry - etcetera jewelry

this weekend was our first full weekend in the new apartment & surprisingly enough, we are pretty darn settled in. most boxes are unpacked - the only left are those filled with books. we haven't figured out what to do with the front of our smaller room & we figured that should happen before we load up bookshelves.

with that said; we were able to enjoy a little friday night happy hour on the roof, visit the henry art gallery* & frye art museum, i headed to the thao show at chop suey & today i got my hair did (one more big up to carly, the best bleach & toner in the city).

on the way to the frye this afternoon i stopped into i heart rummage & stumbled upon etcetera jewelry. aside from gorgeous, feminine, gypsie-inspired necklaces & earrings, her display was fantastic. between the vintage mannequin & ironning board, to tree trunks & rabbit feet - i thought i was in heaven. check out her blog for the entire collection, prices range from $35 - $100.

*thanks to strath & emily for the post that finally got my ass there. the anne lislegaard: 2062 exhibit was pretty incredible & i found myself fascinated with the illustrations & films by william kentridge.

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