munich vs berlin

i need advice, quick. right now i am in copenhagen & trying to figure out my next move. originally, i planned to take a sleeper train to munich on monday night, arriving tuesday am. i would spend three lovely days in munich then head to berlin bright & early friday am. from there i'd be in berlin until early monday morning (london from then on).

the weather has been pretty horrid here until today, which was unbelievably great - this should continue until thursday. if i leave monday night i'd have to cut out the louisiana museum for modern art doing a killer exhibit on sustainable architecture & design; plus i haven't gotten to do much shopping & i'd love to get some time on a bike. maybe i'll stay here one more night, take a sleeper train tuesday night to munich then proceed with the plan as usual. sigh, 20 hours on a train for two days in munich?! maybe i should stay an extra day here then just head to berlin?

what do you think
- 2 more days copenhagen, 3 days munich, 3 days berlin
- 3 more days copenhagen, 2 days munich, 3 days berlin
- 3 more days copenhagen, 5 days berlin


Carolyn said...

i would go with 3 more days in copenhagen, 2 days in munich, 3 days in berlin, so you still get some time in munich. but i've never been to any of those cities, so it's up to you :)

johnna (friend of kristin's) said...

it may be too late to weigh in, but i would suggest visiting fewer places for longer periods of time. i personally love munich *and* berlin... but 2 days really isn't enough to appreciate either city. pick one, commit to it, and enjoy!!