second & third days in copenhagen

while it's been raining pretty much our entire time here, we've managed to see much of copenhagen - maybe just not in its prime. yesterday we had a leisurely breakfast at the hotel, then i went for my first run in a week. it was a perfect opportunity to see much of the city - i ran along the main canal & found myself at the sorte demiant (also known as the royal library or black diamond), passing through gammel strand (historic row houses), & up to the tivoli. once i was back & refreshed, we braved the rain & made it through the stroget. the shopping street is one of large scale, but quite honestly, the good stuff is on the side streets.

we made it to the rundetarn & saw the graphiks across borders show in the mid-level gallery. the space was quite unbelievable, but the works were definitely of a different taste than mine. after taking a minute braving the storm for views from observatory, we headed to a smaller part of the stroget known as pisserenden, consisting of a few streets, we found ourselves on studiostraede peeking into one fantastic secondhand shop after another. i managed to score a fantastic floral dress, but am still keeping an eye out for shoes & a jacket. with tired feet & a sweet tooth begging to be satisfied, we stopped in the living room. this coffee shop embodies the danish term, hygge (literally translated to cosy). we shared a delicious cream cheese brownie & chatted as we checked out the locals.

today was a day of even heavier rain. sigh. we went to christianshavn & christiana (the free community), but found it difficult to enjoy much with the wind & rain keeping us soaked & cold - i stared in amazement at those still walking & cycling everywhere. after a bit we decided that the only solution was a dry spot & a big glass of red wine. we met up with a friend's cousin & chatted for a couple of hours about life in denmark. after two glasses & bit of a breakdown about the weather (& such), we made it to the danish design center. again, the interior space was so perfectly designed it made you want to cose in & call it home. the exhibits featured installations on light & the new ways of using it. it was pretty fascinating to see where things are going & will continue to go.

we are now drying off in our hotel room, napping & contemplating a visit to the fontaine, a favorite spot for jazz in the city. twofers on large pints before 10, whatcha say?!

on a sad note, i'd love to send my love to the fritzsche family after the passing of their mom, wife & friend. just remember, there's juice & bagels on the table. with my love & sympathy.

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Anonymous said...

Oh! I am so jealous of your trip to Copenhagen! I lived there during my junior year of college and it was amazing - unfortunately I haven't been back since. I love your description of all of the "hyggelig" places, especially the Danish Design Center, which I recognized right away from the picture. It's funny because last time I visited the design museum, they had an exhibit about lighting, too. Ah, anyway, just wanted to share my appreciation.