fashion blitz

there was so much to take in while in europe. it seemed that every time i stepped outside i saw someone in a fantastic pair of shoes or a beautiful jacket, but the thing that struck me the most was the effortless chic that must be a birth right in the eu.

because i'm not much of a narrative writer, i'll give you my observations via bullets.

- most women seem to be wrapped in simple, classic pieces enhanced with pretty scarves, layered jewelry or trendy heels
- a lot of the "kids" could be found in acne jeans, thrift store tops & chuck taylors
- many of the styles are loose & flowing tops paired with skinny or fitted bottoms or vice verse
- elastic or drawstring ankles on flowing bottoms were often part of casual & high fashion peeps
- leather bomber jackets, ray bans & chuck taylors are required
- there is no thing as too short

image via face hunter


copperseal said...

great post! thanks for the fashion updates ;)

Zested said...

Leather jackets required yes! I was just in Europe this spring and totally bought an inexpensive faux-leather jacket at Zara. My Northface just didn't seem to give off the Euro vibe.