found hair

the days of plat may be over - i want her cut & color. i'm also having extension thoughts & am hoping to have the convo with my stylist tomorrow.


Dottie said...

So tempted to go directly to my stylist with this pic (I do need a haircut) but I have to remember that my hair is too thick and would.not.look.like.this. I'll keep saying that to myself until the desire passes :)

Chelle said...

I know you wrote this a few months ago :) But I love this cut! And I saw a recent pic of you on one of your earlier posts--LOVE your hair!

Can I ask what the texture/thickness is of your hair? This cut is sooo cute and I'm not sure if it would work on my wavy/kind of thick hair :)

Again, LOVE your hair! It's so cute!

Dottie said...

I bet this cut would work better on someone with wavy/kind of thick hair. I do have to admit that my hair is neither of those things. I've got really fine, but moderate thickness hair. I've just got a killer stylist, Carly at Vain in Seattle.

Chelle said...

Well, it looks AMAZING! I want a change and your look? Love it!