2010 to do list

it's that time of year where i take a few to reflect on the last year & look forward to the next. i'm still convinced that i'll never be someone with a five year plan & i definitely don't believe in setting deadlines for ourselves (age ain't nothin' but a number & you never know where life will take you). however, every year i like to make a list of things i hope to accomplish or at least take a stab at. 2010 is no different, so here goes - some are just smile makers & others are more substantial.

take time for more self reflection & goal setting. i was thinking of taking time once a month to look back on what i've accomplished within that month, what i'm grateful for or proud of, as well as what i hope to accomplish in the next month.

scale back spending. i started using mint which i love - now it's time to look at that savings account & pick something to save for. my europe trip was such a motivator to pass up an anthropologie shopping trip.

quality and second-hand purchases. i've done this for a while now, but i'd like to put this out there to build a stronger commitment. from clothes to furniture & craft supplies to household goods i'd like to make sure that everything i do decide to spend my money on will last for a long time or have been lightly used before. it's my tiny effort to be a more modest consumer.

up my baking skills. bread, pastries, cakes - i'd love to become a more proficient baker.

become a better snowboarder. i must get over this fear of speed & i'm thinking that working on my technical riding skills through practice, possible instruction & finally deciding to get a helmet i can do it.

read more. i don't read that often. i'm not just talking books - i mean articles, blog posts too - i'm a scanner if there ever was one. ohhh what a pretty picture. my brain is shrinking.

paint my nails more often. i love my berry nails today even though they are chipped - bright colored nails make me smile.

rededicate myself to my profession, bring new energy to my job & continue to learn. this shouldn't be too hard, just a matter of doing it. i'm also hoping to get 2-3 hours of lynda training every week to become a better designer.

get iva jean rides off the ground. that's all i have to say about it other than if you are a seamstress in the seattle area & feel like taking on a side project - shoot me an email.

play with watercolor. i'd love to take a class, but maybe in the spring. until then i'm hoping to pick up some paper, brushes & paints to play with.

dance more. in my living room, in the streets & with my friends.

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