found films

i'm baaacckkkkk. it's been such a wonderful week & i can hardly believe how the time has flown by. i'll be spending some more time reflecting on the week & on the year, but for now - let's talk movies. i saw three fantastic ones over my break & i still can't pick a favorite.

a single man - tom ford's directorial debut. the film was depressing, gorgeous, & sexy - i'm still dreaming about julianne moore's dress, colin firth's suits & the amazing colors. see the trailer here & if you're in seattle, see the movie at harvard exit.

up in the air - the oh so popular clooney movie. this was another gorgeous movie that's story pulls at your heartstrings & makes you think about love & just how much weight you carry in your backpack. see the trailer here.

an education - co-written by nick hornby. a dream about lust, romance, trust & of course - an education. it will make you want to visit paris and fantasize about seeing the whole world with deep pockets. see the trailer here.

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