happy halloween

happy halloween & hail mary! i'm in san francisco to celebrate with the sohn ghouls & ms. church. i think we'll be hitting up the castro for a night of debauchery. i can't wait to share our costumes with you & hope to have a full tutorial next week, better late than never right?

i hope you all enjoyed the week of fresh perspective. these girls are wonderful i tell you, just fantastical!


Uncle Beefy said...

OH LORD HAVE MERCY, Ms. Dottie! That is SOME costume choice! I'm loving the photo with the good ole plastic masks! Something about the smell brings back SUCH memories! Hope you spend a good time creating great ones tonight! :) HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

(Rats! Word verification says "pasper"! Almost "Casper" which would have been perfecto!)

jess gonacha said...

can't wait to see the tutorial! better late than never indeed-- hope your night was amazing!