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do you hear what eye hear...

when i was asked to do a feature for my dear & lovely friend ann on music to listen to, i immediately thought, “yes!” however, it occurred to me as i sat down to ponder my response that it had been a few months since i had maintained my diddy collection. in the music world, everything happens so fast! so much so, that if you stop to smell the roses (or transition from grad school to a 9 to 5) you might miss something.

either way, this is j here are a few suggestions to check out….like to hear it?

favorite new song to dance around the living room to: friendly firesparis. here's the video, listen to the words people. these guys are expressing my dreams in a song.

silly but oh soooo sexy - lil wayne feat. bobby valentino – mrs. officer. last.fm is the only place i could find this song,which is great, ’cause last.fm is great. i discovered it was produced by wyclef. i think that’s the answer to the question of why i like this song so much… duh!

the field - from here we go sublime... i love this whole album. love it, love it, love it! i listen to it often. it is great to listen to while you are working, studying (if ur the type), writing, etc. i highly recommend it to have on as background music for long evening chats, get-togethers &/or great make-out sessions. give it a try.

i was first hooked by the song “everyday” – it just makes you want to think and do a lil dance while you think. the artist axel willner is from sweden and tried to come to the states in the late spring for coachella while making a few other stops, including seattle. i was pumped! unfortunately, homeland security didn’t like his equipment (he’s an electronic music artist people come on!) and he wasn’t allowed to travel within the u.s. of a. you can hear tracks on his myspace page. but seriously, just buy the whole album - it’s best to listen to the whole thing at once.

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