2009 inspiration

i wanted to go back and share some of my favorite posts of 2009 - the art, photography & fashion that still makes my mouth water.

kim holtermand

tec petaja

medicine for melancholy

copenhagen cycle chic

andrew waits

from keetra

teetering bulb
apartment inspiration

shock value

fleet street scandal
one stone new york jewelry


seattle municipal flickr

one month of travel: chicago, stockholm, copenhagen, munich, berlin, & london

dinasour designs

jacob hashimoto 

great stuff seattle  
snowblinded prints 


gala bent art  
needle + thread seattle street fashion 

jim gaylord

francoise nielly 

artmind ceramics  
the iconic lykke li 

marc bordons

20 street fashion blogs by hype mag 

laura flippen photography  
mark weaver art 



grape frogg

graypants design seattle  

i hope you've enjoyed our little back track - there was so much inspiration this year - it makes me happy to go back & reflect.


The Lil Bee said...

There are so many great images here! I really love that first photo. And the graffiti. Thanks for the recap:)

Anonymous said...

I love these pictures! Especially the one of the girl with the huge necklace. Thanks for the recap!